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  • Dorothy M. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Thearthur R. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Linda C. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Denise B. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Isiah T. / Toledo, Ohio
  • William B. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Mildred W. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Mark K. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Ira A. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Ignacio T. / Toledo, Ohio
  • STEVEN S. / Toledo, Ohio
  • June W. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Louise G. / Toledo, Ohio
  • Linda M. / Toledo, Ohio
  • PHYLLIS S. / Toledo, Ohio
  • EARVY B. / Toledo, Ohio
  • LAWRENCE C. / Toledo, Ohio
  • ANTHONY M. / Toledo, Ohio
  • JAMES F. / Toledo, Ohio
  • MILDRED W. / Toledo, Ohio
  • SANDRA S. / Toledo, Ohio
  • CHARLES B. / Toledo, Ohio
  • JAMES H. / Toledo, Ohio
  • DELORES B.  / Toledo, Ohio
  • CARL S. / Toledo, Ohio
  • JEFF  R. / Toledo, Ohio
  • ROBERT A. / Toledo, Ohio
  • JANE M. / Toledo, Ohio
  • LINDA M. / Toledo, Ohio
  • LAWRENCE G. / Toledo, Ohio
  • CARL S. / Toledo, Ohio
  • JUDY C. / Delta, Ohio
  • CINDY M. / Toledo, Ohio
  • RICHARD L. / Maumee, Ohio
  • JUNE W. / Toledo, Ohio
  • IRMA U. / Toledo, Ohio
  • SUZANNE S. / Toledo, Ohio
  • DEBRA H. / Toledo, Ohio
  • WILLIAM K. / Toledo, Ohio
  • EDITH W. / Toledo, Ohio
  • EARL D. / Toledo, Ohio
  • JULIA C. / Toledo, Ohio
  • ROBERT L. / Toledo, Ohio
  • SUZANNE B. / Toledo, Ohio
  • JUNE E. / Toledo, Ohio
  • JOHN D. / Toledo, Ohio
  • MARGARET M. / Toledo, Ohio
  • ROBERT L. / Toledo, Ohio
  • DAVID F. / Toledo, Ohio
  • RICHARD B. / Toledo, Ohio
  • SUZANNE S. / Toledo, Ohio
  • DAVID P. / Toledo, Ohio
  • GARY C. / Toledo, Ohio
  • BARRY K. / Toledo, Ohio
  • MODENE J. / Toledo, Ohio
  • SANDRA A. / Toledo, Ohio
  • SHARON S. / Toledo, Ohio
  • ROBERT P. / Toledo, Ohio

“I was very depressed when I came in. But the staff helped me out a lot. They were great and helped me walk and get on my feet again. I wouldn’t have made it without them.” –  Dorothy M.

“I enjoyed my stay at Heatherdowns, I have been here before.  The nursing staff is very friendly and took very good care of me.  The facility is clean and I enjoyed everyone here, they were all polite.  I will be coming again in a couple of weeks for a short stay” –  Thearthur R. 

“It was a great pleasure coming to Heatherdowns for my rehab. I never thought I would be a patient here since I worked here years ago. All the staff are so pleasant and that’s something you don’t see much of these days. I just loved it here and I will definitely return if I need to. Therapy was excellent as well as all the nursing staff.” –  Linda C.

“Thank you for helping me in my recovery. I really appreciate how easy you made it for me to ask for help.” –  Denise B. 

“I really wanted to go home from the hospital, but I knew I couldn’t without getting therapy first. I was nervous because this was my first time going somewhere. I was treated very well and everyone was kind to me. Therapy was wonderful, I couldn’t have done it without them. I would definitely recommend Heatherdowns.” –  Isiah T. 

“I wish to thank those who helped me to improve my strength and health in order to return to my own home. Physical therapy provided support and encouragement for me to do needed exercises. Nursing staff were very efficient and aids were friendly and willing to help when I asked. The environment was clean. It was not an unpleasant experience and I enjoyed my stay.” –  William B.

“I like being here, they take good care of me. I’m here because I can’t take care of myself. I was here once before for 3 weeks and went home then realized I couldn’t be home alone. I told my family that I wanted to go back to Heatherdowns. I feel so safe here and I don’t have to worry about taking my medications because they give them to me every day. I wasn’t eating at home and now I go to the dining room and they serve our food. Everyone is very kind and I would suggest Heatherdowns to all my family and friends.” –  Mildred W.

“I chose Heatherdowns because my niece was here a couple of times and enjoyed her stay. She said she didn’t have any complaints. I like the staff, they are very friendly and they look out for your best interest. I’m involved with all the activities and especially like working outside in the raised garden bed. I go out everyday to make sure there are no weeds in the garden and if there are, I enjoy pulling them out. The residents also get to eat the vegetables and we share them with staff.  I would recommend Heatherdowns to anyone.” –  Mark K.

“I am writing to tell you how grateful the family and friends of Ira are.  We sincerely appreciate the nursing staff for their endeavors and professionalism while taking care of and aiding his recovery. Your competency is absolutely amazing. No words can truly explain how grateful we are for all of your loving kindness. To God be the glory and we give Him the highest praise for your facility.” –  Dan B., friend of Ira A.

“My stay was wonderful, it was my third time being at Heatherdowns. The social worker at the hospital wanted to send me to another nursing rehab and I told her that I only will go to Heatherdowns. If I have to go to the hospital and then transfer to a rehab center, it will always be Heatherdowns.” –  Ignacio T.

“Thanks to Heatherdowns Rehab I was up and going in no time.  The staff was great and so was the food.  The rooms were very clean and nice.” –  Steven S. 

“I am from the little town of Streator, Illinois. I moved to Toledo 12 years ago.  Then in 2014, I moved into Heatherdowns. I like it here and I am comfortable because I can come and go as I please. People here are friendly and I have made a lot of friends.  So all I can say is I have been blessed.-  June W.

“I have lived at Heatherdowns for almost six years.  I would never want to live anywhere else. The staff and residents are all so friendly. I like the activities a lot and I’m very involved with everything that is going on here. This is home and I love it here.” –  Louise G.

“I am very grateful to all of the staff here at Heatherdowns for taking such good care of me and treating me like family. I have met a lot of good people here and I am very happy that I chose to come here for my care. I love all of them very much.” –  Linda M.

“I feel this is a great place to be for me and my husband.  We feel safe and everyone is good to us.  Laundry is done, 3 meals a day plus daily activities.  Therapy and nurses and nurses aides are very good and keep Chester cared for. It is very clean here and people keep it nice.  Chester and I are very happy here.  Everyone that works here is so nice.” – Phyllis S.

“Everyone was helpful and I feel they really cared a lot for me and made it a comfortable stay. All my concerns and questions were answered. I would come back, I have no problems at all. I would suggest to everyone how nice and friendly Heatherdowns is.” – Earvy B.

“For my first experience with a rehab center, I cannot get over the care and concern shown to me from the time I arrived to when I left. Everyone is so concerned for my well-being.  Am I comfortable? Do I need anything?

On my arrival at dinner time, I had a handwritten note on my tray to say ‘Hi and Welcome Larry! From Tina in the kitchen.’ It sure put a smile on my face.

The center is very family-friendly, clean and pleasant to visit – and be a patient here. If I ever need care again – I will be back. Thanks for all you have done to get me back on the road to recovery. Your concern for my health’s affected me and my family in a positive way.  Thanks.” – Lawrence C.

“My health has forced me to go to several re-hab facilities over the past couple of years. But God got me into Heatherdowns re-hab center and I’ve never been in such a loving, kind and professional place. The nurses care about you and they’re never late with your medication. They show that you are important to them. From the Administrator all the way down the line, all these wonderful people show you nothing but true love and kindness.

This is by far the best facility I’ve been at and I would recommend it to anyone who needs special care. Therapy is great. Food is great. Activities are very good. It’s not hard to make new friends here. I believe that this place cares more about you than money, but the cost is great for them to run such a wonderful place.

I’m very proud and satisfied with the treatment I’ve received here. I could call this place my home if I ever needed.”- Anthony M.

“I was brought  to Heatherdowns Rehabilitation and Residential Center for physical therapy from UTMC hospital. I had broken my femur. Surgery was done at UTMC and my rehab consisted of strengthening my leg so I could manage steps in order to go home. I was greeted by Heatherdowns staff and they explained what my stay would consist of – all were very thorough.

The physical therapists Emily, Andrew, Jill and others could not have been any nicer or more helpful. Heatherdowns staff was exceptionally nice and I felt that they all truly cared about me as an individual. They answered every question I had promptly and with a smile. I met Fran, the director, and she told me if I had any concerns to call her and she gave me her card.

If you have to be away from home for rehab, Heatherdowns should be on your list for care. From initial meeting, to rehab, to nurses, to staff, to home evaluation, to departure, I couldn’t have been treated any nicer.”- James F. 

“I have never been in a rehab facility before, I felt lost and didn’t know what to do with myself. Everyone started coming in and treating me so nice and they were so polite. My favorite part was the food and therapy. I’m anxious to go home, but if I can’t stay there, I want to come back here. Thanks to everyone!”- Mildred W. 

“I was a little worried at first when I came because of past experiences at other facilities, but it didn’t take long and realized how much I loved it here.  I will definitely come back if I need to and tell all my friends and family  They come and give snacks at night and are so kind, I was shocked.  I love Rocky the nurse – she hugged me and made me feel at home.  Heatherdowns is a wonderful facility.”- Sandra S.  

“I had a wonderful stay here at Heatherdowns.  I was worried because I have never been at a rehab center before.  I also was worried because I was having a hard time walking and now I can walk with my walker.  I will come back if I need to and will tell my family and friends about my stay so if they need rehab they’ll come to Heathedowns.” – Charles B.  

“This is my second time here and I enjoyed it very much. I hope I don’t need to return but if I do I will come to Heatherdowns.  Everyone is very friendly and makes me feel comfortable.  Thank you for helping me to return home.” – James H.  

“I would just like to say that this place is the cleanest, most organized facility that I have ever seen! The staff is very friendly.  I would definitely give this place a five-star reward!” — Delores B.  

Carl S“I want to thank the entire staff for your friendship and care while I was recovering at Heatherdowns.  Everyone went above and beyond in making me feel at home.  It truly helped me make a speedy recovery.” — Carl S.  

“I was very leary about admitting to Heatherdowns because I have never been to a skilled nursing facility before.  I was very pleased after I admitted it was a lot better then I thought it would be.  The help was very nice and therapy was great.  I would recommend Heatherdowns to my friends and would not think twice about coming again.” — Jeff R.   

“After a recent surgery on my right knee I was transferred to Heatherdowns Rehabilitation Center.  Although my stay was unexpected and brief, my experience with the staff and facility was very positive.  I feel the staff took very good care of me and met all of my needs very well.  All of the aides, nursing staff, therapy staff and administration were positive and very encouraging.” — Robert A.  

“I want to thank Heatherdowns Rehabilitation facility for the wonderful care I received during my stay here. The nurses were kind and caring and were very pleasant. The therapists were very gentle and patient. They truly helped me get on my way to being independent again.

I would also like to thank Lynda Velliquette for always checking on me and making sure I always had what I needed. I would like to thank the aides. They were very helpful. I especially enjoyed Felicia. She always lifted my spirits and kept me laughing.

I would highly recommend Heatherdowns for rehab.” — Jane M.  

“I found this to be a very nice experience.  The facility is very clean and the staff is very nice.  I really like the therapy people very much and they were very helpful. It was especially helpful with my cognitive issues.  I would definitely come back if I needed to.” — Linda M. 

“Ths is my third time coming to Heatherdowns.  I have visited other family members at other facilities and was appalled on how family members were treated.  I was scared to death about being admitted to a facility.  When I came to Heatherdowns the staff treated me like family and I would highly recommend Heatherdowns to all my friends and family.” — Lawrence G.  

HEA-Carl-S“I picked Heatherdowns Rehab from a list provided by my insurance, United Health Care. I was released from the hospital and arrived at Heatherdowns at 4 pm. I was greeted by a greeting committee including a nurse and Jill from Physical Therapy. They took me to my room and gave me a brief tour and instructions. This was very nice because it eased my fears. My whole stay was pleasant. The entire staff, from maintenance to the MD, were nice, courteous and always willing to help. Physical and Occupational Therapy were good, as they helped me go up and down stairs, get in and out of bed.  I am now coming for outpatient therapy and everything is going excellent. My doctor has been very pleased with my progress and strength in my knees. I would definitely recommend Heatherdowns to anyone and return here if I ever needed them again.” – Carl S. 

Judy C“I had a stroke during my time when I had retired and was living my life of freedom and getting ready to travel and visit family. So, needless to say, my dreams came to a halt.

Well I am not a negative Nellie, so I pulled myself up by my bootstraps and onward I went. When I first got out of rehabilitation, my daughter Jan came to live with me in Delta. She stayed for a little over a year. Then she moved back to Illinois to be with her family.

My daughter Jody asked me if I would come to Maumee to be closer to her so she could see me more and we could go out shopping and eat lunch. I said OK!! Yea Ha! Shopping and food! My dream!

In reality, at first, I told her no. I was happy where I was and I didn’t want to leave. I told Jody if I didn’t like it at Heatherdowns, I was going back. She said, we’d talk about it later.

I arrived at Heatherdowns in November 2015.  Great nurses and aides. Caleb is awesome. So many great employees who help us all so very much.  Brandon and Lynda are awesome and helpful. We have lots of activities, day trips, shopping trips, etc.  Heatherdowns is the best place.

Jody lives 5 minutes away and we have had so many great times out with my grandson who loves visiting me here. He has also made many friends here. My son-in-law Douglas has helped me a lot; he does my laundry sometimes and brings me dinner too!

I was just voted the President of the Resident Council. I promise, I will do a great job for all the residents!!” –  Judy C.

HEA-Cindy-M“This was my third admission here for rehab. I have been very pleased with my care. The staff have been wonderful. They are caring, professional and really treated me as a friend. The staff went above and beyond their job titles. I would not be where I am in my care and health if it wasn’t for the awesome staff. I even enjoyed the friendly housekeepers! The activities are a wonderful asset too. I have nothing but good things to say about Heatherdowns Rehab.” –  Cindy M. 

HEA-Richard-L.“I really enjoyed my stay here and everyone is an angel that works here.  I will tell everyone I know how wonderful it is and I will never go anywhere else for my rehab.” – Richard L. 

June W“I am 78 years old, originally from Streator, IL, a small town 100 miles south of Chicago. I came to Toledo in September 2007. Three years ago, I was found to have an allergic reaction to an over the counter medication which sent me into a backward spiral. [After I recovered] I was going to go on my own and I found an apartment, but I decided to stay here instead. After I was here, I found I was better off with the care. I haven’t had a cigarette in three years and I’ve come closer to God.

I am not alone and I can have my medicines when I need them. When I’m sick I’m also taken care of. This is my permanent home. I like it here and I feel comfortable. The staff are very friendly. We have plenty of activities and the therapists are kind and good at what they do.”   – June W. 

HEA-irma“I love all the people at Heatherdowns and would never go anywhere else. Everyone is so friendly. I will miss you all so very much.” – Irma U.

“The nurses and aides were fantastic. I liked the food and If you didn’t want what they were serving you could have soup and grilled cheese at any meal. Therapy was also excellent.” – Suzanne S.

HEA-debara“I will miss being at Heatherdowns, I have really enjoyed my stay.  The staff was friendly and treated me very well.  I would recommend everyone I know that needs therapy to come to Heatherdowns.” – Debra H.

“Heatherdowns has a very nice group of people and they made me feel very welcomed. Aides and nurses were very friendly and I enjoyed my stay. I would come back to Heatherdowns when I need therapy.” – William K.

HEA-edith“I enjoyed my stay here at Heatherdowns very much.  The people were wonderful and friendly.  It was a pleasant environment and very clean.  The help and staff were wonderful.” – Edith W.

Earl D“I want to thank Heatherdowns for the great staff that helped me in my hour of sickness. The experience was better than I expected and I appreciate the hard working, friendly staff. I would recommend Heatherdowns to my family and friends.”  – Earl D.

Julia C“I transferred to Heatherdowns from another facility due to not being happy there, so I was a bit nervous. I have been extremely happy here with the therapy and the care. Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel like you are at home. I would come back to Heatherdowns if I ever needed the extra care again.”  – Julia C. 

Robert L“I have had a very pleasant experience at Heatherdowns Rehab. I really didn’t know what to expect. I feel therapy was excellent and I definitely would come back and tell my friends about it. Overall everything was a plus.”  – Robert L.

“The staff was nice and I enjoyed my room.  I enjoyed my television, some places don’t have televisions.  The food was delivered on time and also my medications.  The therapy was good and the nurses were nice.  I liked that I was allowed to walk around the facility.” – Suzanne B. 

June E“This is my second time at Heatherdowns Rehab. I have had a very pleasant experience both times. I would recommend this place to my family and friends and will come back if needed.” – June E.

John D“The staff has been very helpful and made me feel very at ease here. Rehab department was excellent.” – John D. 

HDmargaretM“It was a rough start, but as days went on, I became comfortable. My stay here was like being with family. My care was excellent. My aide, Felicia, was on the spot on 2nd shift and helped me with anything I needed. Also, the nurses were especially helpful.”  – Margaret M.      Note: Following her discharge to home, Margaret has returned to Heatherdowns as a volunteer. The residents love her.  Thank you Margaret!

Robert L“Everyone was very polite and attentive to my needs.  There was never anyone, day or night, that didn’t help me when I needed it.  I would definitely come back if I needed to.  I am a disabled Vet.”  – Robert L. 

David F“I have been taken really good care of and I enjoyed my stay.  I feel I recuperated from my pneumonia and I’m ready to leave.  Thank you all very much.”  – David F

Richard B“First of all the food was fantastic, that is why I gained so much weight.  Help was nice and polite.  It was a great stay.”
Richard B

Susan S“This is my 8th time here.  I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.  As usual, I’ve been treated fantastic from everyone from the nurses right on down the list.  My therapy didn’t go as fast as I thought it would, but the doctor and the therapist kept telling me I was doing good.  That’s another reason why I always come back because of the good therapy team.  The food this time around was even better!”
Suzanne S. 

“My stay at Heatherdowns Rehab & Residential Home was very good.  The staff was very nice and fun to be around.  I would tell my friends who need their service to come to Heatherdowns.” – David P.

Gary C“I really like it here.  In July I’m having another procedure done and requesting Heatherdowns even though hospital has their own Rehab.  I told them about Heatherdowns and how much I enjoyed my stay. The people here really care about their patients.”  – Gary C.

Berry K“It seems like all during my life, whenever I was at my worst, God picked out some of his very special angels and put them on my taril to nurse me back to health. I was very pleased to find out that a lot of those angels work here. I would like to thank all of the staff and residents for making me feel right at home ever since the first hour I got here. I know it’s not my job yet, but given the opportunity, I would like to be there to invite all of you into the pearly gates of heaven. Thank you all for being in God’s lot of very special anger.  I am going home now. I feel great. May God bless you all.”  – Barry K.

Modene“I enjoyed being at Heathedowns everything was nice.  Everyone treated me well.  Praise the Lord!  I would come back and tell other people to come here.”  – Modene J.

“I would recommend Heatherdowns to my friends and I would also come back if I need therapy.”– Sandra A.

“I’m here at Heatherdowns Rehab and I arrived in the beginning of March.  This is my second time coming here and I enjoyed it very much.  The employees are down to earth and are very professional.  They all talk to you and are very nice.  I would definitely come back again.”– Sharon S. 

“My stay was very nice they treated well and did their job.  I have been here before and would come again.”– Robert P.